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Fairy princess

Enchanting Fairy Garden

Raheen Woods Hotel Athenry Galway

As the inhabitants of a kind of parallel universe, fairies are to be found alomost everywhere, in houses and fields, in the mountains and the sea, even in the minds from which valuable minerals were dug and indeed at Raheen Woods Hotel Fairy Fort. But fairyland itself was a magical place where time passed at a different pace, this is why fairies always look so young & if you happen to see a older fairy, they could indeed be hundreds of years old.

Raheen Woods Hotel situated in the lovely medieval village in The World Famous Fields of Athenry, is located right beside a real Fairy Fort. Fairy Forts are circles of dark green grass which are commonly known as Fairy Rings and are said to appear wherever the fairies dance. It is said that our very own fairies have been living here in their Fairy Forts since the very early 1200's when Myler De Birmingham founded Athenry. They now inhabit many parts of our fabulous gardens, sometimes found swimming in our waterfall & often dancing under the majestic trees, many of which are hundreds of years old. If you are really quiet on a still evening you may even hear our fairies whispering on the breeze. 

Our fairies take great pride in looking after their homes. You can find our fairies living on one of the streets in the fairy garden; Ladybird lane, bluebell way or sli na sióge where you will even find fairy footprints.


Our Enchanting Fairy Family

Queen Tatania who is the only toothfairy in our garden, is the most powerful & least afraid, therefore most likely to be seen. She lives in teh white & red fairy house with King Orfeo. King Orfeo is an ancient fairy and posisbly the odlest fairy living in our garden. He is considered to be the best Harper in the world. Our Fairy Petal looks after all the plants in our garden, she makes sure that all the flowers and the trees look their best at all times. Our Fairy Nollaig is the fairy who likes to hear all your wishes & secrets. Christmas is her favourite time of year. even if you don't see her,you can whisper to her if you like. Our Fairy Clara loves fashion, everytime there is a wedding at the hotel, she hides in the trees looking at all the lovely dresses, especially the brides and bridesmaids. Fairy Teacup lives in the teacup house, she loves baking delicious cakes & treats. All the fairies love to go to her house for afternoon tea. Fairy Evie is Nollaig's little sister, who lives in the little house next door to Nollaig. Fairy Oisín is the fairy who makes sure all the people staying at the hotel have a lovely time. He loves to hear everyone laughing & having fun. Pixie Boots our last but not least fairy, is the funny fairy. She is always telling jokes & playing tricks on all the other fairies. She is the smallest fairy & lives under a purple & yellow toadsstool. 

During your visit to our Fairy Garden be sure to make a wish at Tinkerbell's Magic Mirror.