Our Green Policy – “Keen to be Green”

At Raheen Woods Hotel we are committed to the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the environment for future generations of our guests, employees and our families. We recognise that everything we do has an effect on our environment. We wish to continuously improve our environmental performance, ensuring the sustainability of our actions. We will review annually our environmental impact to ensure that we maintain high eco-tourism standards and implement best environmental practice.


We aim to:

 Specifically, we are:






Raheen Woods Hotel have undertaken the largest ever capital investment programme to implement a proactive policy of metering, measuring, monitoring, evaluating and managing our waste, energy, water and carbon in order to reduce our carbon footprint created by our organisation:




1. Please turn off lights & TVs when they are not in use
2. Why not Walk or use public transport? 
3. Choose not to have a straw with your drink

4. Try order only what you think you will eat at breakfast 
5. Why not have your receipt for your stay emailed to you?

6. Keep windows closed if the heating is on

7. Saving water by not using running water while brushing teeth and shaving, and to report any leaks

8. Accept all billing by email, prior to departure

Towel and Linen Policy

We offer our guests the option to change their linen as their needs require and have adopted a policy where guests can let us know when linen is required to be changed.
Guests are asked to place all towels to be changed into the bath/shower. Requesting when towels are to be changed.


In our guestrooms, electricity is only usable by key cards, so lights are no longer left burning when no one is in the room. Further, these cards are reusable by guests.



To be fully engaged in the reduction of our energy consumption and waste production through dedication, education, reducing & reusing. We aim to continue to reduce our landfill waste.



As proprietors we have provided you with information about the local environment, modes of local transport, our commitment to the environment through our policy and the measures we are implementing. We have also provided you with locally produced food, a clean and healthy environment, and a promise of continual improvement. In delivering our commitment, we will comply with relevant legislation and take a proactive approach to future requirements and obligations

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