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Raheen Woods Hotel


Spa Re-Opening

- Posted on: 22/03/2022 - $itemValue.title


Enjoy a Relaxing Getaway in Our Newly Renovate Spa Suite



Managing stress and taking care of our body has never been as important as it is today as we went through difficult times over the last two years. The worldwide pandemic has created a stressful environment all over the world and the population really need to experience some stress relief more than ever.

Now that the sunny days are coming, it is time to treat yourself and to take the time for a “feel good” therapy.

Our newly renovated Tranquillity Spa reopened its doors in February with zen and nature-oriented colours that make the atmosphere very calm and relaxing. The spa has new facilities and equipment that create an environment where stress is relieved. It has been shown that massage therapy is a great way to treat stress and anxiety.

Our experienced and professional therapists use the Skinician products for treatments that promote getting a healthy radiance for the upcoming sunny days. The Skinician brand offers a large range of products according to your skin type and needs. The therapists are the best ones to recommend you a skincare regime to adopt for the upcoming sunny days. All Skinician products are vegan, UK made and Irish owned.

We would really encourage you to take a break to pamper yourself at the Tranquillity Spa with one of the treatments it offers. You will love it if you feel the need to disconnect from reality for a few hours.


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