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Back to School!

- Posted on: 22/08/2022 - $itemValue.title

Only a few days left for the children to enjoy the end of their holidays and to get back into a school routine.


Getting the kids back into a routine

Bedtime: Get back into their natural sleep patterns after a summer of late nights. Reduce the bedtime by 15 minutes each night to help them to fall asleep when back to the usual routine.

Homework: Practice academic reviews every day for a few minutes will help the children to remember school is starting soon and to remind them of the foundational academic skills they have gained the previous year.

Morning routine: A few days in advance, try to set the wakeup call if the children were used to sleep late during the summer holidays. It will be easier for them to wake up early on school days. Establish tasks to be completed by an allotted time frame to help them to be ready to go to school and be on time; i.e. 5 minutes to wake up, 20 minutes for breakfast, 10 minutes to get ready.


Getting the parents back into a routine

School supplies: Involve the children in the choice of their school supplies to help them anticipate the start of the school year.

Uniforms: Every year the purchase of the school uniform is a real headache. Kids grow so fast in a year that it is difficult to choose the right size to last the year. The key to choosing the right size is to measure the child’s neck, bust, waist, hip and leg, and to order a bit larger to make it last the school year.

Leisure activities: Before enrolling the kids to any leisure activities, sit down and talk with them about what they want to do after school. Different clubs are offering activities for the kids, such as sport clubs, drama, lecture or music clubs and so many more. Every child has a hobby, and each has a different way to fill his/her free time. 


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